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Rule of Law and Tribunal in Sydney

On the 24th February 2015 (six months ago) the Owners Corporation of an apartment block lodged an application to NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) seeking orders to appoint compulsory manager of a strata scheme and to refund the fees paid to the former strata manager.
The application caused by negligent and inacceptable behaviour by strata manager and included the following concerns:
-No proper service for two years
-Breaching of the rules and not following the orders of Owners Corporation
-Spending money on items that were not agreed or ordered by Owners Corporation
-Not servicing fire safety inspections and insurance for the building appropriately
-Other issues  
All the documentation related to the above-mentioned problems has been submitted to the Tribunal. Finally the Owners Corporation has received the Tribunal decision (4th August 2015). The adjudicator on the matter decided to dismiss the application.
The first reason for dismissal is:
“The applicant has not provided a c…