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Чтение книжек

Чтобы не деградировать в пещерное состояние, считаю необходимым читать книги. Только не все подряд, а в строгом соответствии с концепцией познавания окружающего мира по конкретным темам, учитывая при этом авторитет и опыт автора книги в определённой области. Некоторые авторы могут книг и не писать, но публиковать разные
материалы и заметки.

Так как умные книжки бывают толстые, а чтение не может занимать много времени по причине того, что мне не позволяет совесть просто сесть и читать в то время как не сделана срочная и важная работа, или дети не спят, то читать можно только во время перемещений между работой и домом на общественном транспорте, или когда хочется посмотреть в процессе Важной работы какой-нибудь порно-сайт с новостями или фэйсбук.
Также есть надобность переключения внимания между видами деятельности, темами для исследования и т.п.

Возникает задача упорядочить процесс чтения с целью усвоения прочитанного, а также чтобы не остопиздело по ходу.
Таким образом готовится снач…

Sydney is beautiful

Pure morning in any weather

Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 3

Major building defects are still not resolved and the owners of most of the units didn't even bother to follow up. However some units are eager to finalise the process and fix the defects.

One member of executive committee has built an online application on the Internet to get the response from the interested units what defects have been fixed and what are outstanding. With the results of that report owners corporation lodged a complaint with Fair Trading against the builder on the outstanding defects.

The complaint was lodged on 16/01/2013.
A week later, on 23/01/2013 Fair Trading called the owners corporation to confirm the details of the complaint.
Same day they called the builder.

Builder contacted owners corporation on 29/01/2013 to advise that they are coming to inspect the defects again! They explained it as they want to confirm what defects they are responsible for and that they are going to contact Fair Trading after the inspection.
The builder advised they are coming fo…

Django Unchained - Review

I have been eager to watch this movie since seeing a trailer a while ago. It was intriguing and I thought the premiere shouldn't be missed.
My curiosity and aspiration was also fueled by the announcement that Tarantino himself was planning to visit the premiere in Sydney.

It was a bit of disappointment to get the announcement just before the session that Quentin was not coming, but it didn't really matter, because the movie was amazing, incredibly fun and thrilling.

Though it's pretty lengthy (2:45) I haven't got bored at all. After a couple of beers I looked for some quiet scene to go to the bathroom and there is such a scene in the movie. Possibly right in the middle, when many people in the cinema decided to pay a very quick visit to the toilet.

Almost entire audience laughed and giggled following the story line on the screen through the movie.
Very saturated, soaked in soulful music, technically perfect, flawlessly played by the great actors - this movie worth wat…

Work laptop

For my projects I require very strong machine. After reviewing the laptops from Dell, Lenovo, Apple, HP, Toshiba etc. I finally made a choice - Asus G75VX (the link is to the G75VW model, no link to VX model on the official Web site):


Asus G75VX-T4153H

Series ASUS G75VX Operating System MS Windows 8 64-bit CPU Intel Core Processor i7-3630QM (2.4GHz/3.3, 6Mb) Chipset Mobile Intel HM77 Express Chipset Memory 32GB DDR3 SDRAM (1600 MHz) Hard Drive 256GB Solid State Drive (SSD) + 1TB 5400RPM Optical Drive BluRay Writer Display 17.3" (1920x1080 Resolution) Display Type FHD
LED Backlight
ZBD Guarantee Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M 3GB DDR5 Wireless 802.11b/g/n Bluetooth 4.0 Webcam 720p Expansion Slots 3 in 1 Card Reader (MS/SD/MMC) I/O Ports 4 USB 3.0, 1x Microphone-in jack;1x Headphone-out jack (S/PDIF);1x RJ45 LAN Jack for LAN insert;1x VGA Port (D-Sub);1x HDMI;1x Display Port Keyboard ROG illuminated  Chiclet Keyboard (Numeric keypad) Pointing Device/s Touchpad

State Theatre Sydney

Have never heard about this place before, but eager to watch the Australian premiere of Django Unchained had a first visit last night.

The interior is the one of a chick bohemian club from early 20th century. Sound quality is good, but the screen is not enough for showing movies for bigger crowds in comparison with modern cinemas.

Good place.












Chimera of National Glory

In the The Paris Commune when Karl Marx mentioned Second Empire he wrote:

"It professed to save the propertied classes by upholding their economic supremacy over the working class; and, finally, it professed to unite all classes by reviving for all the chimera of national glory."

Something similar we can see today as well in certain countries too.

Sony Xperia Z

I suppose it was a good decision not to buy Xperia TX yet - Sony introduced Xperia Z at CES 2013.


Possibly one of the best breakfasts on Earth. Love McDonald's. :)

Dinosaurs of Taronga Zoo

It is really worth visiting Taronga Zoo to see dinosaurs in the wild.










Quentin Tarantino Vs a Box of Popcorn

Planning to watch the Australian Premiere of Django Unchained at the State Theatre.
I was intrigued by the movie trailer earlier and was very much expecting the movie.

When I knew that Tarantino himself is coming to the premiere I rushed to buy the ticket.

What was my disappointment to receive the following email today:

Will still go and watch the film, but not sure I will be easy accepting the idea that Quentin Tarantino is equal to a box of popcorn! :)

Weekend views of Sydney

01. Sydney icon:

02. Wild is the wind:

03. Sunset:

04. Chinatown:

English lessons

Многие верят в то, что английский язык беден в средствах по сравнению с мега-языками.
Разговор об одном и том же дне в субботу:

- Let's meet on Friday.
- Next Friday?
- Yes, this coming Friday.
- Good, see you then.

Что интересно, в этом случае можно сказать "following Friday" тоже.

English lessons

An ass labor. Прямой перевод из словаря "задницей труда".
Из контекста это "осел предвещает работу".
Как интересно.

Rum - Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23

Great rum with very wide range of tastes and aromas in it. Pretty sweet. Can be consumed as is or after some wine warmup.

Producer Web site

Trip to Dubbo - Taronga Western Plains Zoo

It was lovely fresh Boxing Day morning 26th December 2012. The roads were so empty that it was hard to believe we were in Sydney. That's how the journey to real Australia started.

The main destination has been set as Taronga Western Plains Zoo, because from the talks to some friends earlier, that is the main attraction of the area.
I always like to visit zoological sites, because it's exciting to learn new things and facts about nature.

The zoo is a convenient place for both visitors and animals. For a moment it seemed that the conditions people built for all those numerous inhabitants of it should be much better that they would have in the wild.

The road between Blue Mountains and Dubbo is full of dead kangaroos. I have seen only one alive for the entire 6 hours drive. As far as I see they are more active at night time.

1. Cuddles is the only living African elephant in Australia. She made friends with a couple of camels that live nearby. That's because elephants develop t…