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Sydney - Silicone Valley for Builders

"We have a problem with waterproofing in the bathroom. Would it be possible to fix it?"
"Yes, we can fix it. We will apply silicone."

"There is job to attach a roof to the terrace properly."
"Cool. We will do it by applying silicone."

"The window frame is installed without flashing."
"That’s OK. We will fix it with silicone."

"Bathroom doesn’t have any waterproofing."
"No worries. We will apply silicone."

I have talked to a building quality specialist during the most recent (third so far) inspection of the same property where builders can't rectify their lousy work.
The inspector said "it seems like builders in Australia build homes like it never rains here".

It’s not fair to all builders of Australia to state that the quality of their work is not up to any acceptable standard. For sure many builders are good professionals and do their job at the highest quality level.

However around 800…