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Local Council Issues - NSW

Buying and managing a strata unit is a challenge sometimes, but the things can be worse if the property is located near an unscrupulous commercial tenants/proprietors. In some cases this is aggravated by local council.

Here's an example of an issue that came up second time in two and half years.

The council approves commercial operation (cafe) in a place that was not designed for this purpose. It is a mixed development that consists of a commercial shops and a residential strata:

The building doesn't suit for a loud business, food serving business, bar or liquor serving business for a number of reasons:

1. Close proximity of the residential units
2. The design of the building that doesn't allow commercial food preparation and serving of patrons in the courtyards or when the shop doors are opened, because all odours and noise go inside the building and echo into all the units facing those commercial shops.
3. There is no waste management facility for commercial shops. This …

Population of Alaska

On a way to work thought on serious topics.
The question came up, how many people live in Alaska? With a click of a button on the phone dictated the question - in a second the phone started speaking to me the info about population of Alaska and showed an interactive chart with historical data and also comparative details.
Google rules!

Nicki Minaj

Today while having a haircut heard the following dialog between the barbers. Nicki Minaj was on TV with a music video:

- I like Nicki Minaj. She is awesome! I love big bums and when boobs match the bum.
- But what about her voice? She is a singer.
- Who cares about her voice and what she sings about! She is gorgeous!

Ленин и Соединённые Штаты Европы

Читаю вот в книге "Социальная психология и история" Б.Ф. Поршнева:

"Напомним, что когда Ленин в статье "О лозунге Соединенных Штатов Европы" писал о возможности победы социализма "первоначально в немногих или даже в одной, отдельно взятой капиталистической стране", он имел в виду не обособленность этой страны, а ее антагонизм к мировой капиталистической системе: "Победивший пролетариат этой страны, экспроприировав капиталистов и организовав у себя социалистическое производство, встал бы против остального, капиталистического мира, привлекая к себе угнетенные классы других стран..."1 Эти слова, разумеется, в полной мере относятся и к тому времени, когда на карте уже не одна социалистическая страна, а мировая система стран социализма, антагонистичная мировой системе монополистического капитализма."

Как интересно.

1 Ленин В. И. Полн. собр. соч., т. 26, с. 354

The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

The Wealth of Nations: An Inquiry into the Nature & Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Have just finished this book. It has been a long process, but fully rewarding.
It's the hardest book I have ever read. Firstly because of the author style and secondly because of my habit to read everything in the book and not jump to the next section until I understand the current one. I have heard of Adam Smith's ideas from other sources before, but now I see that majority of those who said Smith is this or Smith is that - haven't read this book at all. In addition to that, many people think theories of 17th and 18th century don't work today. however during the whole time of reading I have had a feeling that Smith has written about today with only a few differences.
I highly recommend this book to everyone who is interested in how everything works around us.

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Las Vegas - March 2014

Have just returned from a great trip to Las Vegas. Have been there for a convention, but had much fun after hours also.
01. Vegas skyline:

02. Palazzo interiors:

03. The Strip:

04. Venetian:

05. Palazzo entrance:

06. Palazzo mechanic flowers:

07. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill @ Caesars Palace:

08. Cleopatra's Barge Las Vegas Lounge:

09. Palazzo selfie:

10. Harrah's. Love this building for some reason:

11. Vegas skyline:

12. THE Hotel. Have stayed there in 2009:

13. Palazzo interiors:

14. The Mirage:

15. Palazzo Casino:

16. Palazzo:

17. Awesome tenderloin @ Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill:

18. Venetian:

19. Selfie:

20. Venetian: