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First Android app

I have finally built and installed to the phone my first Android app:

It has got the following features at the moment:
- call to remote Web service to retrieve data from the database;
- display received data in a timeline;
- cool floating button;
- form to submit data to the Web service.

This is also my first ever project to build in Java. My profession is mostly related to Microsoft .NET and this project was an interesting variation from usual.

Cool stuff!

Communication and Work

Good communication is one of the keys to successful business collaboration.
Business process designed and implemented properly is an important part of reaching a business goal. Business processes are designed and implemented by people. Contemporary level of technology development allows us to automate processes partially, but at the end of the day it is people who make final decisions and do the job to integrate those various pieces of a process puzzle into a working mechanism.
People are communicating with each other. They are not machines and therefore interpret received messages according to their attitudes.
Personal attitudes and combinations of those are different for everybody. They may match but not with every person you meet or have a chance to work with.
It may happen that messages received from others are in a form, intonation and with content controversial to our personal views, traditions, knowledge and mental state. This situation is described as cognitive dissonance,…