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English Common Law - Online Course

Just finished:

English Common Law: Structures and Principles, University of London

Interesting course. Good introduction to the history of English law and issues related to it's structure and to the EU presence.


Got my grades recently. Happy with the result!

There is another Law course that I'd like to recommend Property and Liability: An Introduction to Law and Economics. In my opinion it's one of the best online courses that I have seen so far not just in Law, but in general. In regards to legal studies the course is a great introduction into the subject.

New Zealand - August 2013

It’s not easy to describe emotions triggered by the places so remarkable and picturesque. Usually the paradise on Earth is depicted with palm trees, beach, sunshine, white sand and surfing. However this is more of one-sided limited representation. If you have never experienced that many colours of the nature at the same place – astonishing combination of green, unbelievable blue water and sky, white snow of the mountains and clouds, various earthy and stone paints – you have never seen true beauty of our world.

New Zealand wants you to come back again and again. Spending a day on tremendously exciting slopes of four easily accessible mountains followed by a walk of fresh and crisp air with a hint of smoke from the fireplaces – makes you forget everything else and soak in the charm of this truly marvelous place.