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Young people not having sex - Japan

Have been reflecting on this issue recently.

The modern society base everything on career success, wealth, prosperity, self esteem, ego-centrism. We live in capitalism. It is obvious for many people that children are big responsibility and effort mentally, monetary and physically.

Therefore it is apparent that when you have a baby it's extremely hard in contemporary state of society to raise it properly without diminution of pleasures or even opportunities to enjoy your own life as you want it. Not even slightest idea of any dependents.

Sex is integral part of intimate relationship between healthy people. So it's a delight seeing many young Japanese people who have a very logical thinking and therefore don't start any relationship, because it is very rational decision for the reasons I provided above.

There is an awesome movie Paris, je t'aime. One of the stories from that movie is when someone called Ana leaves her child at daycare to go and babysit some rich lady…

Online cinemas

Once I was standing at the bus stop waiting and saw an advertisement on one of the buses about a new movie that started in cinemas that day.
And I thought - it must be a great idea to organize the online cinema. Not one of those currently existing in variety that provide paid or free access to some archived movies from the past, but the proper cinema that shows what is currently on show.

I realized that the main issues in building this sort of project would be to convince the major movie studios and intellectual property holders to follow this model and also the regular cinemas would be strongly against this idea.

Today I stumbled upon this article:

Interesting to see what this idea will develop into.

Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 7

Getting closer to the defects rectification, but not quite there yet. There are three major outcomes achieved:

1. Fair Trading has sent a report regarding the work that has not been completed by the builder.

2. The builder left one defect undone, but has been forced by Fair Trading to fix it.

3. The builder started begging for money from the owner for the work that has been done in accordance with Fair Trading rectification order. So they ask for money to be paid for the work they had an obligation to do to repair the defective work they did earlier.

Though at the moment the issue remaining is not very critical, however it affects the quality of living in the purchased property.

The builder sent people to fix the defect. The fixing is to reapply the silicon. The root cause of the issue has never been investigated properly.

It is 1 year and 11 months since the time the defects were reported to the builder! It would take possibly the same time to build a new apartment from scratch. :)


That's how the journey to Valhalla looks like:

From the Vikings - Beyond the legend exhibition

Sydney and Australian National Maritime Museum

On a nice Sunday it is always good to walk along the Darling Harbour and to visit museum.

Augmented reality

Trying the augmented reality feature of Sony Xperia Z1:

Places to see in New Zealand - around Queenstown

Queenstown is one of the most beautiful places in the world where you would like to return again and again. Here's the list of places to visit while there and around:

1. Mountains - The Remarkables and Coronet Peak
2. Jet Boat Ride - KJet
3. Ledge Swing -
4. Kiwi Birdlife Park -
5. TSS Earnslaw Cruise -
6. Ice Bar - or they are pretty much similar
7. Arrowtown -
8. Puzzling World - near Wanaka
9. Wineries of Otago area. Pretty much get a car, drive around the area and visit a couple of wineries. Majority of them have got restaurants where you can try delicious food including game. I would recommend this one:

Apartment at the Plaza in Manhattan for $80 million

Property in New York anyone? Tommy Hilfiger is selling apartment at the Plaza in New York:

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Today tried the #Samsung #Galaxy Gear at Telstra - the interesting features are: ability to accept calls and talk to the watch, browse images (which we couldn't test for some reason) from the gallery.

The price is $369 outright.

Nutrition quote

"But it seems to be otherwise with potatoes. The chairmen, porters, and coalheavers in London, and those unfortunate women who live by prostitution, the strongest men and the most beautiful women perhaps in the British dominions, are said to be, the greater part of them, from the lowest rank of people in Ireland, who are generally fed with this root. No food can afford a more decisive proof of its nourishing quality, or of its being peculiarly suitable to the health of the human constitution." - Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

Want to be healthy, strong and good looking? :)