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Law and Legislation Vs Ethic and Moral

In today’s life very often we may catch ourselves on a thought that legal matters are usually very expensive, unpredictable and confusing.

Legal system doesn't establish or execute Justice – it is subjective and depends on many factors. Some of them are: current geopolitical situation, location, nationality, social position, weather conditions, emotions etc. Therefore legal system is guided by the communal utilitarianism principle. Decisions based on that principle could go very often perpendicular with the perception of justice of individuals or even peoples.

There is an opinion that justice and legal system is based on ethic and moral. This is a chicken and egg challenge to prove. All of it is basically rules of communal living and transactions among humans who inhabit certain area, i.e. a suburb, a town, a state, a country. So the law and legislation is an attempt to codify the rules of mutual existence for further enforcement and ease of transactions. Ethic is almost the sa…

Мультикультурные скрепы

В мультфильме “Monsters Inc” («Корпорация монстров») есть такой эпизод – The Abominable Snowman предлагает главным героям мороженное из снега жёлтого цвета. Когда Mike Wazowski подозрительно смотрит, то сноумэн говорит, что это лимон. Хотя ясно, что никаких лимонов в снежных горах, где он живёт, нет.
Сегодня заметил, что люди, выросшие в тёплых странах этой шутки не понимают. Вроде мелочь, а попробуй, объясни что-нибудь глобальное человеку, который не в курсе что такое обоссаный снег!

Julia Gillard

She was a great PM. One of the best politicians I have seen.
Admired her speeches and the way she behaved in debates and in expressing her point of view.
Also the fact that during her leadership, in my opinion, no wrong decisions has been made.

Her "end of the world" announcement was awesome:

All the best, Ms Gillard!

Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 6

Today is exactly 2 months since the Department of Fair Trading inspected the unit for defects and reported to the builder to fix the issues before 18/05/2013.

Majority of the work has been finished only 12/06/2013. However the builder replaced only 2/3 of the floor in the living room and said than the remaining part has got a different cause. During the rectification process they said they will replace the entire floor, because it was apparently damaged.

They used a couple of tricks as they went through the "rectification" process:

1. They were very slow and said that they were waiting for proper rain to test the waterproofing. The floor in the unit was removed in half for more than a month!
When the deadline was about to hit, they called the owner and said that they are ready to replace the floor, but the owner has to use home contents insurance for that.
The owner refused that "offer", so the builder started yelling.
However they continued with floor replacement…