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Talks About Foreign Property Investors in Australia

There is no surprise that amid property price growth in Australia (especially in Sydney) some people would be interested in explaining the reasons of it. Beyond market conditions (demand higher than supply, low interest rates, higher income than many other places) there is also a tendency to blame foreign investors in influence on the property prices.
I have personally heard sentiments about this from persons who couldn't afford to buy property for themselves to live.

For some it is possibly easy to mark people who they see as competitors on the property market as foreigners. As an illustration you might consider this quote:

... I think it is hard to deny. If you imagine an auction on a weekend where you throw in an extra buyer who is willing to pay a little bit more than everyone else there, if that buyer happens to be foreign, maybe as a temporary resident, and they are buying the single place that they are able to get approval for, it is hard to deny that it would not push up …

Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 14

It's 37 days (1.25 months) past since the builder refused to finish the defective work on 28/10. Fair Trading inspector spent three weeks calling to the builder trying to get them back to fix the issue. All that time the bathroom/shower couldn't be used midst 30+ degree heat.

The builder started blaming the owner that it's the owner's fault that the work is unfinished.
However all the evidence was against the builder. They also said they are not coming back and that other company should fix it.

In the meantime the owner and strata decided to organise for other company to finish the work and reported that to the Fair Trading inspector. In a couple of days the builder called to strata manager and said they can come and finish the job!

Long story short the builder came out on 21/11 and 22/11 and almost completed the work, but left some sealing unfinished and the floorboards removed.
They also left the site without letting the owner know. The owner needed to take a day off…