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Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 4

On 09/02/2013 the builder came to inspect the exact same defects they have been aware of since September 2012.

During the inspection the builder verbally agreed to fix majority of those defects, rejected some of them as they believed those were maintenance problems and not the building problem and rejected their liability on some of the defects.
The owners corporation requested a report, which should include a list a of defects and exact dates when those defects would be rectified. The builder verbally agreed with that.

After 10 days - 19/02/2013 - the builder sent an email to the owners corporation and Fair Trading that included the unit numbers and the defects that will be fixed/not fixed.
Some defects were missing from the list and as usual there were no firm dates.

Owners Corporation have responded to that email (including Fair Trading) that the report is not complete.

After three days - 21/02/2013 - the builder sent an email providing the contact details of the person who was go…