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Construction issues resolution in Sydney - part 17

It's been a while since the last post In January 2016 the owner lodged an application to NCAT against owners corporation to fix three major defects: - waterproofing of large windows in the living room and bedroom which led to windows full replacement - bathroom drain fix - planterbox fix The owners corporation didn't come to mediation and tribunal ordered to fix all defects within 2 months (the deadline was 8th July 2016). The owners corporation as usual didn't rush to comply with the order regarding two items: bathroom and planterbox. The windows works started end of April 2016. At the same time owners corporation decided to check whether it's a warranty and original builder should fix the issues. That was also related to the fact that the variation was submitted by the current contractor who started fixing the defect. So the owners corporation stopped all works in the middle and went off for a month to "make decision". The decision was made at the end of J…
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Instant savings with

A story from one user of

A strata unit owner has got a problem with exhaust fan in the bathroom and requested a strata manager to send someone to fix it. An electrician came and fixed the issue. Next day the strata manager sent an invoice to the unit owner and requested a payment or proposed adding that amount to the levies bill.

The owner went to, chose the problem location (bathroom) and the problem (exhaust fan) and got a complete information about who is responsible:
If it is inside the lot it is the Owners responsibility. If it is mounted within "Structural cubic space" e.g. communal ducting or a false ceiling which is designed to carry communal pipes etc or outside the lot, then it is the responsibility of the Owners Corporation.

In that case the fan is not inside the lot and therefore is Owners Corporation's responsibility.

Instant savings of $100!

Transition to quality

During more than 4 years dealing with various strata living issues I have got good experience working with committees, builders, strata managers etc. Almost always the good service - which is timely, reliable and doesn’t require further follow ups and re-visits - doesn’t happen at all. I don’t take to account when the job is just apply some paint and replace a light bulb. But operations that are even simpler i.e. getting to contact the builder or other people by strata manager very often takes weeks without any action. Though money is being regularly paid to them for the service.
Low quality solutions are not good for multiple reasons

They require time and effort to rectify after the work is done. So instead of productive activity we have to be engaged in fixing the problem which shouldn't exist in the first place

They are equal to fraud, because almost always the money is paid for the solution and if it's low quality then it's obviously not the product it was supposed to be …

Notify your strata manager - StrataBoss

StrataBoss has got a feature allowing to notify your strata manager after you have identified who is responsible to rectify a problem in your strata unit.

The email will contain the information from the web site that will help the strata manager, executive committee and yourself as an owner to proceed with problem rectification.

This feature will save your time informing the strata manager and relevant people to get problem solved as soon as possible.

Check it out!

How strata owners corporation "solves" problems or Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 16

Almost 8 months passed from the time of previous post and here's how the owners corporations activities looked like to "resolve" the defects/problems:

1. Independent inspection report was ordered and completed 1st June 2015. The report confirmed the defects that were known to owners corporation already. It should be noted that in the period between December 2014 and June 2015 the only attempts by owners corporation to resolve the issues were to convince the lot owner that it's the owner's personal responsibility.

Therefore half a year gone with a couple of meetings only, because people were "on holidays", "busy" etc.

2. Between 3rd July 2015 and end of July 2015 the strata manager spent "contacting the builders for quotes". Until owner called the strata manager nothing have happend.

3. By the end of August 2015 all quotes were in place. The meeting of all owners was set up for the 7th October! Because as usual "holidays",…

Strata title - who is responsible?

Reducing costs of strata unit ownership: start with identifying who is responsible for maintenance and rectifications of the common property that affects the unit at

Strata Boss - Identify Who is Responsible

When dealing with strata living and issues related to a unit or common property it is crucial to identify the responsible party as soon as possible!

Having ceiling falling on your tenants or your beloved cat and dog? Need to paint the door to your unit? Waterproofing is not functioning? Other major or minor issues with the unit?
Regardless of the severity of the problem, you can spend months before you realize that the reponsibility is not yours, but either a builder or owners corporation. In addition to that you may spend some money on investigation and/or fixing the problem which is not yours.

Fortunately there is a tool which can help you out identifying who is responsible and where you can start your claims and/or fixes:

The tool is simple - choose where the problem is located, what is the problem and see who is responsible - you as an owner or owners corporation as a whole (which will potentially save you a lot of money in some cases).