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Transition to quality

During more than 4 years dealing with various strata living issues I have got good experience working with committees, builders, strata managers etc. Almost always the good service - which is timely, reliable and doesn’t require further follow ups and re-visits - doesn’t happen at all. I don’t take to account when the job is just apply some paint and replace a light bulb. But operations that are even simpler i.e. getting to contact the builder or other people by strata manager very often takes weeks without any action. Though money is being regularly paid to them for the service.
Low quality solutions are not good for multiple reasons

They require time and effort to rectify after the work is done. So instead of productive activity we have to be engaged in fixing the problem which shouldn't exist in the first place

They are equal to fraud, because almost always the money is paid for the solution and if it's low quality then it's obviously not the product it was supposed to be …