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Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 5

Today, Friday 26/04/2013 the builder has actually started the work to fix major defects!

However this didn't just come easy.

On 03/04/2013 it heavily rained and the water started leaking into the ground floor unit and damaged the floorboards. The owners of the unit contacted the builder and Fair Trading office, because the water leakage has been on the list of defects, but has never been properly addressed by the builder.

The builder and the person who installed the windows/doors came to inspect the issue. They decided to re-seal the windows/doors to improve the waterproofing.

On 17/04/2013 the Fair Trading Inspector and the builder came to mediate the defects situation. The builder looked like a student in front of the teacher trying to explain why the defects listed really appeared.
However the inspector was really good and pointed out that everything had to be built up to standards and that the builder though sent sub-contractors to do the work in good faith has never checked …