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About Meetings

Meetings are important part of the business activity. Our basic need to communicate is topped by necessity to deliver meaningful results at workplace. As usual though reality is not as rosy as the ideal that many of us trying to achieve with meetings.
What is a good work-related pastime for one is at the same moment a time wasting and useless activity to another. This contradiction is coming from a few factors (among other things):
1.Core difference in perception of meetings between different levels of workplace hierarchy or among committee/board members
2.Meeting audiences and agendas
3.Involvement and focus level of participants during the meetings
Therefore usually instead of being an effective business or private processing tool, meetings become the opposite.
There is an opportunity to adjust existing practices to meet new expectations of the work related activities to be more productive and fun. It is not hard to achieve as well by implementing useful techniques and tricks.
One. Cre…