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Complexity of Challenges and Increasing Degradation of Capabilities

While reading some paperwork regarding International Tax Law subject following statement drew my attention:
"The complexity of the international tax rules makes it nearly impossible to diffuse the public sensibility about the issues."
It is from the speech "Sense and Sensibility: The Policy and Politics of BEPS" by Manal S. Corwin. 
The full text can be found here:
That thought is not unique to tax law. In my experience of more than 3 years doing what I call “applied dispute resolution” which correlates with law research and paralegal activities I see that in any area of law, social matters, environmental, humanities, economics and others we can witness increasing level of challenges that our society face.
Let’s take as an example The Law.
Carefully crafted legal framework is one of the essentials of contemporary society. However what we see is:
- Growing complexity of …