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Strata Boss - Identify Who is Responsible

When dealing with strata living and issues related to a unit or common property it is crucial to identify the responsible party as soon as possible!

Having ceiling falling on your tenants or your beloved cat and dog? Need to paint the door to your unit? Waterproofing is not functioning? Other major or minor issues with the unit?
Regardless of the severity of the problem, you can spend months before you realize that the reponsibility is not yours, but either a builder or owners corporation. In addition to that you may spend some money on investigation and/or fixing the problem which is not yours.

Fortunately there is a tool which can help you out identifying who is responsible and where you can start your claims and/or fixes:

The tool is simple - choose where the problem is located, what is the problem and see who is responsible - you as an owner or owners corporation as a whole (which will potentially save you a lot of money in some cases).