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Review: Fast Forward: Acquisition Strategies For Entrepreneurs

Fast Forward: Acquisition Strategies For Entrepreneurs by Tom McKaskill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting and very detailed book. I think it can be used as a textbook when preparing and executing acquisitions. The author didn't do many acquisitions, but has been personally involved in several and it is good to read information from somebody who has experience.

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Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 13

The builder started demolishing the bathroom and shower 07/10/2014 (three weeks ago) and then proceeded to do waterproofing, bedding, tiling etc.

As appeared, from the words of tradesmen who worked on the site there was barely any waterproofing originally.
This is a question to original sub-contractors and certifiers who did the original work - how that might have happened?

Anyway until last week everything went well when I went to check the shower drain and found that the water stays there on one side and doesn't flow out completely.

The builders closed it with the grate and were about to finish the whole job, but I pointed that problem to them and said it should be rectified before they finish everything.
They started saying that "it's normal and the water will evaporate". Then they started saying that they couldn't do another drain and this is the only possible solution. The whole floor and shower walls were ripped off - why the hell didn't they find the …

Review: Plato. Works. Vol. 1

Plato. Works. Vol. 1 by Plato

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very interesting to read what Plato/Socrates said and discussed at their time. It was actually quite surprising to discover many of the views that we currently have about various things originated from Socrates and Plato. Also I have found (as usual) philosophical ground for some of my personal ideas and views in those dialogues.
It is worth reading as well from a perspective of knowing the original Plato works and not from the tales or interpretations of others.

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Review: Excel at Business: Essential Nlp & Coaching Skills for Business Success

Excel at Business: Essential Nlp & Coaching Skills for Business Success by Jimmy Petruzzi

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have heard "NLP" for a long time, but have never had time before to read a book about it. Last week I saw this book and decided to check it out. When I read it I had a feeling that I knew all this and even how to apply these different methods. The book has got a lot of unnecessary information and also too much of an interlude for every topic before going into proper detail.
Some of the topics are only touching the surface and lack detail or even proper examples.

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Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 12

As per last DFT inspection with the builder on 30/07 (1.5 months ago) the rectification order came out to rectify all defects by 07/09. The builder sent out a communication that they will come for three days 22/09-24/09 to do rectification.

So for waterproofing from the outside and floorboards damage the builder did re-seal in a couple of spots and then sprinkle the water to make impression they are testing something - without actual floor removal to see exactly whether the water is coming in or not.

For the bathroom leakage problems the builder said they have to demolish the bathroom to find a root cause. This issue was ordered by the tribunal to be rectified before 18/04/2014! Now 6 months of constant delays and trying to slow down the process by suggesting small steps to test the water leakage and at least two weeks of waiting between those steps the builder "decided" to demolish the bathroom. That still means the issue is not fixed despite the tribunal order.

Hoping it&…