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English lessons

Boring with a stick. Прямой перевод из словаря "скучно с палкой".
Из контекста это "бурение с помощью палки".
Действительно, разве с палкой может быть скучно?

Readings - Anthropology

Have started reading a book "Primitive Culture" by Edward Burnett Tylor:

It's a serious book from one of the founders of social anthropology. Very interesting and helps understanding many aspects of human culture development.

Art Gallery of NSW - Report 4

Report 1 Report 2 Report 3

04. "Sunday evening" by Russell Drysdale

05. "Archaeopteryx" by Eric Thake

08. "Dawnbreakers" by Herbert McClintock

09. "No 35 Madame Sophie Sesostoris (a pre-Raphaelite satire)" by James Gleeson and Robert Klippel

12. "Toinette: by George Bell


History Quiz

Have recently bought a couple of books about history for children. Straight away checked the pages about World War II.
The quiz: spot a single world about Soviet Union or at least Russia?
In one of the books there is a Soviet banner, but it's not clear from the text how did it appear in Berlin. Magically?

Про Индию

В последнее время наблюдается тенденция к восхвалению всякого индийского: образа жизни, йоги, мудрости, красоты и т.п. В моей команде до 70% индийцы и один гражданин из Бангладеша (примерно тоже самое). Есть вопросы по Индии - узнаю из первых источников. Кастовая система, жизнь населения в грязище и говнище, женщин никто ни о чём не спрашивает, нищее население, коррупция всех уровней жизни, все рвутся стать программистом/игроком в крикет и съебать в США/Великобританию/Канаду/Австралию. Всё это от бесконечной мудрости на фоне прекрасных видов природы?
Интересно, откуда берётся эта информация? :)

Wine - 2010 McWilliams Hanwood Estate Verdelho

Nice wine - tropical fruits flavours and taste:

Details of the 2009 vintage from the producer.

Construction issues resolution in Sydney - Part 2

In the earlier post I described the timeline of the intriguing case of construction issues/defects resolution.

What's obvious:
Nobody is rushing to fix the earlier reported issuesVendors don't do anything to fix the issuesStrata management doesn't assist in fixing the issues, but forward messages to the executive committee of the owners corporationTreasurer of the owners corporation Executive Committee is somehow involved in the process and communicates directly to vendor, strata manager and the builder. No visible results though, but just promises of better future. Research The owner initiated the following research:
Strata rules to see who is responsible for what in terms of building defectsSeeking legal advice to set up a plan for further actions against the Vendor and/or the BuilderRequesting strata scheme account statement OutcomesThere is no law for breach of contract. So legally there is no obligation to act as per contract of sale even after it is signed. This is wh…

Cognac - Delamain Pale & Dry XO

Awesome cognac with very nice fruit flavour including figs, vanilla, sweet grapes and cinnamon. Great aftertaste:

Tasting notes and info

Wine - 2010 Crouchen Riesling Brown Brothers

Really enjoyed this wine. Fresh and fruity taste.

Details from the producer about 2011 vintage of Crouchen Riesling.

Art Gallery of NSW - Report 3

Report 1 Report 2 Report 4

02. Typo/Topography of Marcel Duchamp's Large glass by Richard Hamilton. Very interesting work conceptually.






08. One and three tables by Joseph Kosuth




12. Southern gravity by Richard Long








21. The idle hour by Arthur Murch


Flowering Inferno - Cumbia Sobre el Mar

Yesterday in the gym heard the song by the band "Flowering Inferno". After I got home, have found and bought two of their albums: "Death of the Revolution" and "Dog With a Rope".
Incredible music.

Wine - 2010 Pinot Grigio La Famiglia Trentham

Very interesting wine with citrus and pear notes:

Details from the producer and tasting notes

Wine - Castello del Poggio Moscato Provincia di Pavia

Awesome wine. Sweet with notes of pear, caramel, apricot.

Some details

Sony Xperia TX

In Sydney is available from Sony and Vodafone from Friday 23/11/12 as per the comments from the following post:

Some time ago I posted some info and links about the new Sony smartphone Xperia TX.

It seems that it became available for sale online:

I haven't tried those sites yet and they look pretty similar. So can't provide any feedback yet.
Anyway I would like to buy this phone to replace the iPhone.

Sports on the weekend

Played basketball on Sunday. Awesome time.

Moscow places

I am being asked from time to time about Moscow and where to stay there, where to eat, what night clubs to visit.
I have ran through the posts from recent MosEtnoExp at and got a list of places that the guys from the expedition visited and either recommended or didn't say too negative about.
Golden Apple
Renaissance Moscow Olympic Hotel
Beach Hotel
Gostinitsa Moscomsporta
Crowne Plaza
Metropol Moscow
Intercontinental Moscow


About entrepreneurs

Don't know exactly why, but when someone introduces himself or herself to me as "aspiring social entrepreneur" my first opinion - this person is just useless in terms of doing any real business together.

Of course this perception may not be correct in some cases.

I think that's because of several factors:

1. When someone says "I work in engineering (construction, law, education, government, marketing, IT, farming, manufacturing, dosomethingreal)" you can say that at least you see what skills and subject area knowledge you could leverage as a team to build something or to work on some initiative or project.
It also shows credibility of the person, because it at least gives us an idea of what we could do exactly together as a team. Of course other wonderful skills and capabilities may be uncovered during the collaboration, but if initially there is a team of only people who call themselves "entrepreneurs" - nothing is going to work and we will neve…

Song of the day

Port - De Bortoli 8 Year Old Fine Tawny

This port is good. The taste includes dark fruits and rose hip syrup:

Tasting notes and reviews

Cloud issues

These days before moving to Cloud one should think twice. I really see some benefits in using these Cloud technologies, but for some business critical tasks it may cause problems.

Like this one:

This doesn't prevent me from continuing the Finance course, but some businesses may have very painful interruptions.