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Power News from Australia - Issue 2013/11/20

Today's snapshot:
- good strong position on spying accusations
- business
- mighty man
- India relationships
- strategic assets
- education
- women vs men

Abbott refuses to comment on Indonesia spying

Tony Abbott refuses to apologise for Indonesian spying program

Tony Abbott rejects Indonesia's call for spying apology, calls for cool heads amid diplomatic row

Tony Abbott must eat humble pie to placate Indonesia after spying scandal's sour aftertaste

Politics as it happened - Tony Abbott refusing to budge on spy claims

Australia to back India's NSG membership

Australia, India to hold nuclear talks in Nov

Australia Min Rues Sachin Farewell Match Ending Too Soon

Australian Foreign Minister responds to spying scandal

Oz Foreign Minister visits Asha education project

Mathias Cormann denies Peter Costello in running for Future Fund chairman

Murdoch Divorce Said to Be Almost Final

Murdoch Is Close to Divorce Settlement With 3rd Wife

Rupert Murdoch, Wendi Deng Close to Finalizing Divorce (Report)

Lib strategist takes swipe at Indon PM

State roads funding in doubt

Truss: Many regional infrastructure grants are still worthy

Infrastructure body to be revamped

Warren Truss inflates the impact of GrainCorp's sale on ports

Indonesia rejects Tony Abbott's handling of spy row, awaits formal response

Crossbenchers call for block to Graincorp takeover

McGowan goes it alone

Treasury boss to face Senate hearing

The day Joe Hockey didn’t like public service cuts

Why Joe Hockey should not have sacked me

Joe Hockey's statement on OECD report

Is it cheaper for MPs to fly VIP jets, as Christopher Pyne claims?

Rudd and Gillard - the worst of the worst

The meltdown: How it all ended in tears

Some words to the wise

All men aren’t bastards – but they still get paid more

Howard minister calls for tougher alcohol laws


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