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Power News from Australia - Issue 2013/11/18

In today's political snapshot:
- pecuniary recompense
- bees against the honey
- confusing justice with order
- perverted minds in rage
- good deeds regarding healthcare and childcare
- house prices

Clyne suffers $1m pay cut but Big Four CEOS still take home $36m-plus

Australia sees alliance with US foundation of defence, security, and strategic arrangements

To save lives, Australia to help set up trauma care centre

Kiwi courage and Aussie apathy

Tug of war over local dollar's future as central bank chiefs take different paths

Tony Abbott's boats gift to Sri Lanka comes under fire

Tony Abbott calls for responsive system as childcare inquiry launched

Tony Abbott announces biggest child-care revolution

Tony Abbott urged to intervene over Ayers Rock Resort

Tony Abbott's stance on Sri Lanka's human rights craven and irresponsible

Politics as it happened - Tony Abbott returns to the parliamentary fray

Five warning signs Tony Abbott is turning Australia into a reckless charco-state

'End this injustice': plea to Tony Abbott by wife of Arctic 30 protester

Fraser Coast joins national protest for climate action

Griffith's new airport terminal unveiled

Grylls to step down

Big hopes for federal funding for old bridges

Victoria's schools still waiting for Gonski funds

Treasurer Joe Hockey On Twitter Trolls

GrainCorp call is Hockey's: PM

Small business a litmus test for Abbott on tax

Hockey has gone too far


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