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Effective Management Issue

Dialog between me and the manager that happened in the past. The department manager who reports to another manager who reports to director - all sit in the same office space and see each other well. Massive well-known company.

Manager: You're gonna be careful. John The Manager said you spend too much time on Facebook.

Me: I know, but I have been working on the marketing campaign that we are implementing using Facebook and that you approved last week for me to do.

Manager: Hmm, good then. I will tell him. Thanks.


Chinatown in #Sydney

The best place in #Sydney for a variety of food for reasonable price - Chinatown. Also a good indication of what language other than English has to be learnt.

Picking Mandarins

Such a great day at the mandarin orchard at Watkins Family Farm!
When I called them and asked whether cards are accepted they said: "We don't have electricity here mate" :)
Awesome place.

iWork for iCloud - first impression

Today have got a hold of iWork for iCloud beta.

I use MS SkyDrive and Docs for Facebook for online documents editing at the moment. So I decided to give iWorks for iCloud a quick try.

Started with Numbers:

 Browser is not fully supported:

Checked, need Chrome 27 for full support I guess:

However it still works:

Tried to "Share", but received a message that iCloud Mail isn't set up:

Does it mean that I can only share the link in an email?

Tried uploading the working Excel spreadsheet:


Here we go:

Looks mostly fine, but got some formatting issue:

Then tried Pages:

Same message about the browser:


Nice and clean interface:

Tried some typing and found some minor issues:

Have just installed Google Chrome 27. Going to use iWorks for iCloud for some time to try it's features.
Looks nice.